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Atlantis Velvet Combat Boots

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I crave a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous.

- Luxe Velvet & Vegan Leather.
- Satin Laces + Side Zip.
- Black Scale Print.
- 2" Heel.
- Vegan. 

Dancing in the forest to your own melody or just hanging out with the witches - these combat boots are made for any mood! 'Atlantis' super versatile boots in lush velvet and faux leather [all black of course], classic shape with wide satin laces to front, side zip for easy on/off and slightly elevated with a 2" heel. A black-on-black beautiful mermaid scale pattern decorates the full body - and even the hardware is black; just like your soul!

Match with anything - you make the rules in these; plus they're super comfortable.

with KILLSTAR Branding.


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