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Allura One Piece

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Chanting Slayer lyrics to the waves - coz yer a metal babe 4eva!

- Soft Touch Nylon Blend.
- Pentagram Detail-Back.
- Lace-Up Feature.
- Bold Graphic.
- Fitted.

Yea - this is hot af and you don't even need to add water [but it helps!] - 'Allura' elevates the beach game whilst still keeping it flattering; low-cut neckline with feature lace-up detail + bold contract graphic as well as large pentagram-strap back - exposing just the right amount of skin! Classic fit - yet enough detail to satisfy your metal heart.

Ya might only have been moon-bathing before; but now yer ready to kill in any light, day or night.

Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

with KILLSTAR Branding, 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane.


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