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Eternal Eclipse Platform Boots

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The moon is my teacher and I am her student.

- Faux Leather.
- Lace-Front + Side Zip.
- 3" Rubber Sole, with Crescent Cut-Out.
- Vegan.

Regardless if you just feelin' a bit down and need a lift - or obsessing over the moon; 'Eternal Eclipse' will have a yer heart in an eclipse; luxe faux leather [animals are friends, not shoes], tall body with lace-front - with a handy side-zip for quick on/off, large 3" platform with moon cut-out and an embroidered label tongue with metal top. Oh, and we should prob mention they are comfy AF!

Purrfect for yer partiez, late night adventures or just every day dealingz - serious comfort and get u instantly taller [your wish, our command]

with KILLSTAR Branding.


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