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Eclipse necklace white

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Smykke fra Rogue + Wolf

Laget av 3D-printet polyamid plast.

A necklace with the Sun and Moon hiding from each other.

Runes capture the last light.

Sun, Moon, stars, strength.

3D printed in polyamide plastic.

Dimensions: 3 cm x 4 cm x 0.5 cm (approx. 1.25 in x 1.5 in x 0.25 in).

Comes on an adjustable gunmetal chain from 14 in to 16 in (36 cm to 41 cm).

3D Printing

High-tech sustainable & ethical manufacturing


3D Printing

This product is 3D printed, making it incredibly sustainable and solidly ethical. Printed in a high tech facility in the Netherlands with minimal waste of resources and fair EU wages.

3D printed with lasers and magic

Unique material 3D printed with lasers & technomancy magic! The quirky material and fun texture is loved by our fans for many years now! Very lightweight without losing on durability, it's way tougher than it looks!

Hypoallergenic & Skin Friendly

If your beautiful skin dislikes contact with metal, our 3D printed jewellery will be perfect for you. We have not had a single complaint about skin sensitivity or skin reaction for our plastic 3D printed jewellery.

Good for the Environment

We love 3D printing because it is precise and friendly to our environment. Yes it's many times more expensive for us but it's high tech sustainable manufacturing with minimal waste compared to traditional manufacturing and lower carbon footprint!



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